I have taken a round about path towards my current energy research at the Carnegie Institution for Science.  In college, I studied physics but was happily diverted into energy efficiency and renewable energy research right after graduation.  I loved the confluence of physics concepts, with community engagement, and environmental sustainability through energy conservation.  I spent four years working in this field with jobs at the Colorado College, the Community Office for Resource Efficiency, the Energy Smart Program, and the Rocky Mountain Institute.

The opportunity to learn about the most fundamental details of the Universe pulled me away from Colorado in 2013 to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where I joined the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) group.

  While at CERN, my physics research focused on measuring properties of the Higgs Boson using its decays to tau leptons.  My dissertation is on measurements that further verify the compatibility of the Higgs Boson with Standard Model predictions.  I enjoyed analyzing and measuring the properties of particles at CERN but continuously felt a strong pull back towards more practical energy research.

In the spring of 2019, I finished my research at CERN and moved 9 time zones around the world with my amazing, supportive family to set up a new life near Palo Alto, CA.  I look forward to collaborating with energy professionals around the world to help realize a clean and sustainable energy future.

My Team

Many thanks to my wonderful wife and amazing son for always supporting me.