I am a scientist studying low carbon energy transitions and the emerging hydrogen economy. In the early summer of 2022, I joined LIFTE H2, a new and exciting hydrogen company to help realize a future with access to abundant, affordable, safe, and reliable hydrogen to help power industry, transportation, and more.

I am joining the Systems Analysis team as a Senior System Modeling Engineer where I look forward to collaborating with Marta Dueñas Díez and Co.  I will be applying my skills to model, design, and understand the tradeoffs of technology choices in upcoming hydrogen projects. My modeling will also help motivate and determine research pathways for key technologies.

This transition was enabled by my previous three years of research with Ken Caldeira on the Stanford campus we were asking questions like: how do we create a low carbon energy system? What could that system look like? What technological breakthroughs are necessary? These are some of the questions which motivate my research.

Before starting on energy systems research, I completed a PhD in particle physics while based at CERN working for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.